Transliteration online service

Welcome to the website of the online transliteration service - The project was created with the aim of providing a simple, convenient, and comprehensible way to transliterate texts, words, and even individual letters, using different systems, standards, and rules of transliteration. Just as a recall - transliteration is a transformation of letters and signs of one written system into the letters and signs of another system, according to the predetermined rules. A special case of such a transformation is "translit". This word comes from the abbreviation of the word transliteration and denotes the process of translating Russian letters into Latin (the Latin alphabet) letters. This conversion preserves the ability to read and understand texts, even if a device does not support a specific language or a character system.

The need for transliteration can be encountered in many life situations. For example, to translate geographic names into characters understandable for people who are not familiar with the local alphabet, to convert the first and last names in international IDs, or to send a translit message to a person whose receiving device doesn’t have Cyrillic encoding. These situations arise quite often so to cope with them easily, we have created this service. The online service that gives the possibility to transliterate words and messages from Russian into English and the Latin alphabet.

To translate the text, select the appropriate option in the systems section or use the navigation menu "transliteration systems". You can find both standard and non-standard systems for transliteration there. If for any reason you have any difficulties with the service, please use the help section.

If you haven’t found the transliteration system you need, or you know some exotic system, or you just have ideas for improving the service, please contact us.

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