Help on how to use service

Using our service is simple. At first, you need to determine by which rules you want to transliterate the text or data. To do this, choose the desired transliteration system from the systems presented on the site (for the improving of user experience, these transliteration systems are also available in the form of a menu on the left on all pages of the site).

After going to the page of the desired system, it is advisable to go through the content of the page. Each page contains a description, a text input field, a result output field, transliteration settings, a table of characters substitutions, as well as special replacement rules, if they are provided for by the standard.

  • Input field (Original text) – is intended for entering the text that will be transliterated. You can either enter text into this block manually, or insert blocks of text through the browser menu or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V.
  • Output field (Processed text) – is intended for receiving the processed text. You can copy the text from this field through the browser menu or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C.
  • Transliteration settings – allow you to select replacement options, if this is provided for by the rules or the standard. If no replacement options are provided, this block will contain information about this.
  • Table of characters substitutions – contains a list of options for substituting Russian letters that are not present in the Latin alphabet. The full table of the replacements is not given in order to save space.
  • Special substitution rules – contain information about the features of the substitutions of letters or sequences of characters. They may contain references to the full description of the transliteration standard.

How to use the service

After you have navigated to the page of the option you need, put the cursor in the field labeled Original text (in Russian). Enter the text you want to transliterate in this field. If your browser does not support JavaScript technology, then you will need to click the "Translate" button at the bottom of the form. If the browser supports this technology, the transliteration will occur automatically. Then copy the result.

Please note! When entering text manually, automatic processing occurs only after receiving the Space or Enter characters for input. If you want to get the result immediately after typing, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Space.

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