Transliteration according to the Wikipedia rules

Transliteration according to the Wikipedia rules is one of the types of romanization used by the service. Based on BGN/PCGN system, this set of rules is used to translate names, words, abbreviations, and text from Russian into an English-language representation that can be understood by English speakers. Recommended for use when preparing information for the Wikipedia.

Available replacement options are located under the form.

symbols 0, letters 0, lines 0
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Transliteration settings:
change -ий
This transliteration system uses the following replacements for Russian letters that are absent in the Latin alphabet:
Special substitution rules provided by the standard:

The word endings "ий" can be replaced by the sequence "iy" (by default "y" is used). The rules are quite complex and provide for a large number of exceptional cases. You can look through them on the special page.

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