Transliteration according to the BGN/PCGN system

The standard developed in the United States, later also adopted in the United Kingdom, is used for the translation of geographical names. In fact, it consolidated the standard practice of the transliteration of geographical names among native English speakers. The original version of the standard uses the diacritical mark ё. There is also an unofficial version without diacritics.

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This transliteration system uses the following replacements for Russian letters that are absent in the Latin alphabet:
Special substitution rules provided by the standard:

The letters "е" and "ё" are replaced by the sequences "ye" and "yё" when they are at the beginning of the word, as well as when they come after vowels and the letter ъ and ь. The word endings "ий" and "ый" can be replaced by the "y" letter.

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