Transliteration according to the GOST 7.79 system B

The transliteration standard GOST 7.79-2000 (former GOST 16876-71), was taken as the basis for the ISO 9 standard approved by the International Organization for Standardization. The standard allows you to transliterate into the Latin alphabet and represents any Cyrillic text in Latin letters unambiguously. This standard provides two transliteration systems:

There are no replacement options for this transliteration type.

symbols 0, letters 0, lines 0
letters processed 0 skipped 0
Transliteration settings:

No replacement options are provided for this transliteration system.

This transliteration system uses the following replacements for Russian letters that are absent in the Latin alphabet:
Special substitution rules provided by the standard:

The letter "ц" is replaced by the letter "c" when followed by e, i, y, j. In all other cases, the letter"ц" is replaced with the sequence "cz".

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